Cheers to the Teenage Years

Drama, lies, tears
Cheers to the teenage years
Faker than plastic bags
Are the smiles with which we tag
Laughter doesn’t come easy
And happiness is so flimsy
A whiff of summer
A breath of breeze
Are nothing but a horrible tease
Honesty and honour are just words
Loyalty is now considered absurd
The famous recipe to be cool
Is to bitch-bitch-bitch to the whole school
So what if she is your best friend?
It’s all about gossip on the end
Spread the juiciest secrets at the hottest joints
Cha-ching! You scored popularity points!
When the longest relationships only last for a week
And you are allowed to step over the meek
And when PDA is the new craze
These are our glorious days of laze

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