Secrets in our Silence

“Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.”  -John Grossmann

Silence is comforting. Everyone believes that silence is awkward, that silence is heavy. But no. Silence is actually the most fragile thing in this universe. Silence will always be your companion. Whether it is in the middle of the most raucous celebration or the middle of the darkest night, you will find Silence. Silence is the eternal flame and immortal feeling. It will never desert you even in your deepest despair. Silence contains everything– every human feeling, every dream ever dreamt, every passionate desire is saturated into silence. You just have to be quiet enough to listen to the silence around you.

Secrets in our Silence

The stillness in our murky eyes
Was as fragile as thin ice
At the slightest burst of feeling
It might shatter in a thrice

But we don’t attempt to break it,
Scared of the million things that could go wrong
Instead I maintain the cool façade
It’s the only way to remain strong

There was so much more to say
But none ventured forth
So many secrets lay scattered
In that silence between us both

The distance between us, a mere few feet
But it stretches like a chasm, long , dark and deep.
It feels impassable, insurmountable, with a lingering chill
Like a gaping void that refuses to be filled

Nothing is certain, and none of us seem to care
Almost unnoticed, escapes a sigh of despair
I look up in the silence and suddenly I’m aware
That the secrets in our silence will always be there

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