Yes, I’m not the best
At everything
But why is it always a test
It’s tiring
We are going in circles and I can’t quit
All I want is the world to lay off a bit

I’m always fighting to prove my worth
Sucked dry and gone is all the Keith
Is trust nothing but a word?why does everyone follow the herd?

Insecurities acting up
My confidence is an empty cup
Always pushing people down
Society is getting burnt and brown

What wouldn’t I give just to be sublime
I’m sick of being afraid all the time

Afraid of never being good enough
Afraid of never being tough
Afraid of openly speaking my mind
Afraid of being left behind

2 thoughts on “Afraid

  1. Well i am commenting my version of understanding of your poem.Atleast you are not afraid of opening up your mind here.That is a very good thing.Everybody is different and everyone has got a variety of talents i believe.So just stay happy and fear always gonna lock you up.
    When you get time pass by my small blog.i don’t write as good as you but i just write well and god bless.

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