Pre-Christmas Post

Yes it’s Halloween!(Happy Halloween everyone!) And yes I’m crazy! So here is a Christmas poem on Halloween day:

One day in December, when I went shopping awhile

I saw a picture in red, with a pot belly and a smile

And a beard and hair like a great fluff of snow

With his hands raised, like he was saying “Hello!”

Mum saw me looking and whispered in my ear

“That is Santa Claus my dear!”

“If you do that, Santa won’t come this year”

Is what Mum said if she felt mischief was near.

Then I tried very hard at all other times

To be in Santa’s good list and stay away from crimes

Then suddenly at ten years a Christmas came

When I found it to be nothing but a game

Where if you are good till Christmas commenced

Then you may get some presents of expense

Or if the elders are offended through some events

You’ll be left lamenting with a few measly cents

And when I saw my parents put gifts under the tree

A weird realization dawned upon me

That Santa didn’t exist; it was a play by the adults

Who orchestrated this whole thing, to guarantee results

And ensure that we stayed good and polite

And never ever strayed out of their sight

But the true spirit of Christmas, which no one seems to realize

Is the joy of sharing and not your pay rise!

At Christmas now I smile to see

Children looking at Santa, exactly like me

As for those kids Santa is kind of a miracle

So on that day I decide not to be cynical

But my best memory is that of one fine day

When Mum, angrily says “I shall tell this to Santa right away!”

But to her surprise I triumphantly say,

“But Mum! Santa never existed anyway!”

2 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas Post

  1. Not only is the choice of words truly apt, but the simple rhyme scheme with the amusing narration makes the poem a phenomenal one… One which beautifully portrays every child’s relation with the affectionate ‘Santa’

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