Bravery? Bravery is often misunderstood. Sure, fighting for a good cause, risking your life is bravery. But bravery often comes in small shapes and sizes, unsung deeds and sacrifices, broken hearts and shattered faiths. 

Bravery is listening to your heart no matter what. Bravery is believing in the possibility of a happy ending even if all of this mortal world disagrees. Bravery is giving someone a second chance. Bravery is trust, bravery is opening up to a person who has the power to break you. 

Bravery is mercy. Bravery is being merciful to yourself. It’s forgiving your mistakes, accepting your faults and convincing your heart that better things are waiting for you. Bravery is dealing with things. 

When you are on the floor of your bathroom, with the shower on and the scalding water mingling with your own tears, bravery is standing back up on your feet. 

Bravery is to bring yourself or someone back from the brink of self destruction. Bravery is getting the key to someone else’s heart and praying that the lock won’t change. 
Bravery is when you give your heart the permission to love again. 

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