Singing to the Sea

Let the stars watch as I unravel

Let the night blaze as I break

Let footprints mark the sands I travel

Let the silence welcome the music I make

Let the waves rise as I sink

Ten feet under, but no lessons learnt

Let the water carry me to the brink

And soothe the edges where I’ve been burnt

Do the waves hear the sound of a shattering heart?

That is taught to hurt but not to heal

Do the rocks feel the strength of the pain?

That makes you forget how it is to feel

I’ll raise the tide with the song of my soul

With words that are ever changing like destiny

I’ll lend my melody to the crashing waves

I’ll create chaos while singing to the sea

I’m grateful to the silence what gives way to my sound

I’m grateful to the sand that helps me hold my ground

And as I fling my voice out over the sea

I’m grateful to the waves that didn’t abandon me.

4 thoughts on “Singing to the Sea

  1. Hello Anusha, I just discovered that you are the youngest published author in India! I’m really glad to see how much talent you have, your success is so well deserved. You are an inspiration to all the young kids who have an author hidden in them but just don’t realize it yet. This poem is so well-written, I felt instantly connected to it on an emotional level. It’s really beautiful. Would you mind If I reblog it on my page?
    I wish you all the luck for future.

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